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Digital Records is a distribution company a division of Westcoast Entertainment Group out of San Diego, CA.  We have helped over 1,000 emerging Artists & Record Labels including - DJ Mustard,  Destructo, Problem, Troyboi, Mitchy Slick, Sam Blacky + Mad Decent Records, Columbia Records, Studio MIF & Summer Records.  We have over 15 Million digital streams on Itunes, Soundcloud & Spotify. (Hiphop & EDM). Start Your Campaign today. 

Our Story


Aritsts are now building their digital empires through online platforms instead of outdated technology like CD's. Digital Records was created as a way to reach out to a broader fanbase and have a consistent, intimate connection, and create brand awareness.  We've created affiliates with playlist currators on Soundcloud, Spotify & Youtube that push our Artists music forward through influencers that give our artists mass exposure across the world. 



Do you need help promoting your music online?  Are you an Indie Artist looking for more exposure? We can help push your music digitally through a strategic marketing campaign to help give your music maximum exposure on all projects.  We have over 20 playlists currently trending and can help you get mass exposure.  Click the link above and Book Your Campaign Today

Digital Distribution

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Campaign Breakdowns


Digital Records Artists

Musa Mind x 2million Streams "Bridges"

Mika Kiteen x 700K Streams "Sunset"

Louke x700K Streams "On Me"

K. Chris x400K Streams "Hadda Ride"

Drujefe x350K Streams "On Mommas"

Babyslick x200K Streams "Extra Headshots"

Past Campaigns:  2018

Destructo (x2 Million Campaign) 

Track: Loaded

Columbia Records (x1million Campaign)

Track: Panic Room 

Artist: Camelphat & Au/Ra

Mad Decent Records (x1Million Campaign)

Track: Goosebumps Remix 

Artist: Nghtmre

Destructo (x1Million Campaign)

Track: Boom

Summer Records (x2Million Campaign)

DJ Mustard "XO Tour LIfe3" Remix

Chris Lake (x1million Campaign)

"Turn lights Off"

Problem (x500K Campaign)


Chris Garcia (x3Million Campaign)


Sam Blacky (x750K Campaign)

"Work it" Remix

Troyboi (x1million Campaign)


Hucci (x500K Campaign)


Infra Redd (x100K Campaign)

"Oh you Mad"

Mitchy Slick (x500K Campaign)

Dafrican (x500K Campaign)

 Digital Records Artists

x15Million Listerners (Official Stats)

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Digital Records Artists

DJ Musa Mind - x2.3Million Streams 

Music Video

K. Chris - x400K Streams

Official Stats

Mika Kitten - x700K Streams | Japan


x300K Streams | San Diego

Out Now

Louke - x700K Streams | Los Angeles

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